The Proposal

July 12, 2012 Written by

On the evening of the 20th October 2011, Sevcen had just finished her shift from work and was making her way to the train station to meet up with Arif in Soho, London.

Arif had been preparing for this evening for a long time and was anxious to get it over with. He had a plan that took a  while to prepare for, which involved meeting up with Sevcen’s parents alone, buying batches of kinder eggs and getting his work colleagues involved.

After a much anticipated wait, Sevcen had finally arrived in Soho and met up with Arif outside of his workplace. The two decided to make their way to Welling, where Arif’s plan would finally come to place.

On the train journey home Arif seemed a little more distracted than usual. Both were sitting quietly when Arif turned to Sevcen and said, “I just need to pop into Tesco’s quickly before we go home to pick up a Christmas present for one of the kids.”

Finally, they reached Welling and headed straight for Tesco’s. Arif went to pick up the present when he asked Sevcen to go and pick up some tea bags. When Sevcen returned with the tea bags Arif had finished with what he was doing.

They went back into the car and were finally heading home, or so Sevcen thought. Arif had driven straight passed the house and said to Sevcen, “I just want to take you somewhere first quickly and then we will go back home”. Sevcen just looked at Arif with a slight confused look on her face and simply responded with an “OK”.

Arif turned into a street where Sevcen had not been before. He parked up on a sidewalk and got out of the car with Sevcen following. Arif went to the boot of the car and reached 0ut for a bag which had contained two kinder eggs. He handed one to Sevcen explaining, “I thought it would be nice to have something sweet to eat while we are here”.

When Sevcen took the kinder egg from Arif’s hand, Arif then took Sevcen to a nearby opening on a hill where there was the most beautiful view of the lights of London. Both then started eating the kinder eggs with much delight. Once they had eaten, Arif suggested to Sevcen that they see what toys were inside. Sevcen opened her egg only to find a diamond ring. She looked up at Arif with surprise and started to feel the ring asking in an uncertain tone, “Are you serious?” Arif nodded and went down on one knee and asked “Will you marry me?” Sevcen at first was at lost for words. She finally found her voice and replied, “Of course I will!” and gave him the biggest hug. Arif then took the ring from Sevcen and placed it on her ring finger, both were simply the happiest people in the world. Arif’s plan worked beautifully and Sevcen was delighted that he had finally asked the question.

The End

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