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The Groom

I don’t really know where to start or what I will end up writing in this section about myself, but here I go!

I was born on August 3rd 1984, so that makes me a Leo, (best star sign in my opinion). I have had a different life style compared to all my brothers but I guess I observed and just acted smarter 😉

All my friends and family know that I am a fun and “unique” guy. I always manage to get away with some of the things that I do or say, which even surprises me 🙂 I have always had more or less the same character in the things that I do for fun. I have always loved watching and playing football, if you must know I support Arsenal (which is pretty obvious) and Fenerbahce. Apart from football, I have also been involved in other sports and activities like running. I have proudly finished the London Marathon (2006), Adidas Half Marathon (2007) and 2 Nike 10K runs (2006 & 2008).

At university I studied BSc Computing at Greenwich University and finished with a 2:1. From here we go into what I do for a living; I am in the IT industry and work in this sector. My interest in technology began from the initial Commodore 64 days, as time had progressed I had been upgrading my technology gadgets and devices. I have always had an interest in technology, but at a young age I initially started playing computer games, as a result, I have always known myself to be around computers or a football.

I have felt that I had achieved a lot of things in life that I had set my goals to and have accomplished them. All apart from one thing, falling in “Love” and finding that one special person. I always thought that falling in love was only in fairy tales or in films but Sevcen proved me wrong! The first time I made contact with her, I knew from that point that she was the one! I just clicked with her immediately without even trying. I recall even ringing my friend Tarik and telling him that I had finally found love and that she is the one! I cannot ever thank God, life and Sevcen enough for giving me the best feeling anyone can ever feel.

I am now one step closer to starting my never ending Marathon with Sevcen into a life full of happiness!


The BrideThe Bride

I was born on 8th July 1989, making my starsign a Cancer. I have all the typical characteristics of a cancerian; I am emotional and loving, intuitive and imaginative, sensitive and cautious, protective and sympathetic.

Those who know me well know that I am an easy going, go with the flow, unique individual. I enjoy reading, so much so that I almost have my own library full of books. I also love animals and would have my own mini farm if I could. I also love all things vintage and country 🙂

I have a variety of favourite films which include; Beauty and the Beast, Ever After, The Proposal and Enchanted. My favourite novels include; all those written by Jane Austen, the Harry Potter series, The Interpretation of Murder and Beauty.

I studied at the University of Bedfordshire and managed to achieve a degree in Education Studies. I am now currently working as a nursery nurse and am looking into progressing myself further as an Early Years Practitioner.

Before I met Arif I never really knew what the future held for me. In my mind I was planning to finish my degree and simply take life from there. But life has fortunately turned out much better than I had imagined. I fell in love with an amazing man and could not simply wish for anything better.

I am simply and wonderfully happy and cannot wait to begin the next chapter in my life.

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